Mar 15, 2006

Bulk billing rates falling

Bulk billing rates falling


15 March 2006

Bulk billing rates in the federal electorate of Grayndler have fallen by 5.80% since the Howard Government came to power, from 95.70% in 1996 to 89.90% in 2006, revealed Anthony Albanese, Federal Member for Grayndler.

Mr Albanese said, “Since Howard’s election, the average out of pocket cost to see a GP has almost doubled, from $8.50 to $15 nationally.”

“Ten years of Howard Government attacks on Medicare means that 110 federal electorates have seen a decline in their rate of bulk billing, including Grayndler.”

“These figures are appalling,” he said.

“To say Grayndler is lucky not to have seen a decline of more than 10% in the last 10 years, which has been the fate of 52 electorates, is a disgraceful reflection on the state of Australia’s health system,” Mr Albanese continued.

“Over the last 10 years, John Howard has made it clear that his priority is not fixing our health system, but overseeing its decline,” he said.

“Only Labor will deliver a national health care system that is affordable, accessible and that we can be proud of,” he concluded.