Apr 6, 2006

Business leadership on climate change welcomed by Labor

Business leadership on climate change welcomed by Labor


Anthony Albanese MP

Shadow Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Water

Senator Penny Wong

Shadow Minister for Corporate Governance and Responsibility

6 April 2006

Today’s call by the Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change for greater action to avoid dangerous climate change is welcomed by Labor.

Mr Albanese stated that “Labor welcomes the call by business leaders for stronger action by the Australian Government to avoid dangerous climate change. The Report is a significant contribution to the debate on climate change.”

Mr Albanese stated that “Labor strongly agrees with Australia having a long term target for reducing greenhouse emissions and the establishment of a national emissions trading scheme.”

Mr Albanese stated that “Labor believes climate change is one of the biggest threats confronting Australia and today’s Report confirms that view. Climate change is real, it’s a major business risk, and we need to act now.”

Mr Albanese stated that “These business leaders are ready for action, but will the Howard Government listen?”

Senator Wong stated that "The Business Roundtable group is an example of responsible business taking action – business talking to business and telling government that it needs to be sustainable as well as profitable.

Senator Wong stated that "These businesses know that their sustainability depends on a stable climate.

Senator Wong stated that "The Report emphasises that early action would head off prescriptive business regulation as climate change worsens.

Labor will carefully analyse the Report and looks forward to working with the business community as we develop our climate change policies.