Jun 15, 2020

Business – Rearrangement – Monday, 15 June 2020

Mr ALBANESE (GrayndlerLeader of the Opposition) (15:17): I move:

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent the Leader of the Opposition from moving the following motion immediately—That the House—

(1) notes the Prime Minister has slashed postal deliveries, including to isolated, vulnerable and older Australians and people living in regional areas; and

(2) therefore calls on as the next item of business after 3.45 pm today the private members’ business notice relating to the disallowance of the Australian Postal Corporation (Performance Standards) Amendment (2020 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2020, standing in the name of the member for Grayndler with the motion given priority over all other business for final determination of the House.

The fact is that this is an issue that impacts on vulnerable Australians, particularly in our region.

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat. The Leader of the House.

Mr PORTER (PearceAttorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Leader of the House) (15:18): Leave is not granted.

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the Opposition didn’t seek leave.

Mr PORTER: I move:

That the Member be no longer heard.

The SPEAKER: The question is that the Leader of the Opposition be no further heard.

The House divided. [15:23]

(The Speaker—Hon. Tony Smith)

DIVISION:AYES 56 (3 majority) NOES 53 PAIRS 20
Allen, K Andrews, KJ
Andrews, KL Archer, BK
Bell, AM Broadbent, RE
Chester, D Conaghan, PJ
Connelly, V Coulton, M
Drum, DK (teller) Dutton, PC
Entsch, WG Falinski, JG
Fletcher, PW Frydenberg, JA
Gee, AR Gillespie, DA
Hammond, CM Hawke, AG
Hunt, GA Joyce, BT
Kelly, C Leeser, J
Ley, SP Littleproud, D
Liu, G Martin, FB
McCormack, MF McIntosh, MI
Morrison, SJ O’Brien, T
Pasin, A Pearce, GB
Pitt, KJ Porter, CC
Price, ML Ramsey, RE (teller)
Robert, SR Sharma, DN
Simmonds, J Stevens, J
Sukkar, MS Taylor, AJ
Tehan, DT Thompson, P
Tudge, AE van Manen, AJ
Vasta, RX Wallace, AB
Webster, AE Wicks, LE
Wilson, RJ Wilson, TR
Wyatt, KG Young, T
Albanese, AN Aly, A
Bandt, AP Bird, SL
Bowen, CE Burke, AS
Burney, LJ Burns, J
Butler, MC Butler, TM
Chalmers, JE Chesters, LM
Clare, JD Claydon, SC
Coker, EA Collins, JM
Conroy, PM Dick, MD
Dreyfus, MA Elliot, MJ
Fitzgibbon, JA Gorman, P
Gosling, LJ Haines, H
Hayes, CP Hill, JC
Husic, EN Jones, SP
Katter, RC Kearney, G
Keogh, MJ King, CF
Marles, RD Mitchell, BK
Mulino, D Murphy, PJ
O’Connor, BPJ Perrett, GD
Phillips, FE Plibersek, TJ
Rishworth, AL Ryan, JC (teller)
Sharkie, RCC Shorten, WR
Smith, DPB Stanley, AM (teller)
Steggall, Z Templeman, SR
Thistlethwaite, MJ Thwaites, KL
Watts, TG Wells, AS
Wilkie, AD
Alexander, JG Byrne, AM
Buchholz, S Champion, ND
Christensen, GR Freelander, MR
Coleman, DB Georganas, S
Evans, TM Giles, AJ
Flint, NJ Khalil, P
Goodenough, IR King, MMH
Hastie, AW Leigh, AK
Hogan, KJ McBride, EM
Howarth, LR Mitchell, RG
Irons, SJ Neumann, SK
Laming, A Payne, AE
Landry, ML Owens, JA
Marino, NB Rowland, MA
McVeigh, JJ Snowdon, WE
Morton, B Swanson, MJ
O’Brien, LS O’Neil, CE
O’Dowd, KD Vamvakinou, M
Wood, JP Wilson, JH
Zimmerman, T Zappia, A