Jun 18, 2020

Business – Rearrangement – Thursday, 18 June 2020

Mr ALBANESE (GrayndlerLeader of the Opposition) (10:29): I move:

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent Member for Grayndler moving the disallowance motion on Australia Post which appears on the Notice Paper as private Members’ business notice No. 40, and the matter being determined by the House.

We have attempted to move this disallowance each day, because it needs to be dealt with—

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the House?

Mr PORTER (PearceAttorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Leader of the House) (10:29): I move:

That the Member be no longer heard.

The SPEAKER: The question is that the Leader of the Opposition be no further heard.

Mr Bandt interjecting

The SPEAKER: I would just point out to the Leader of the Greens the specific words in Practice, which will help:

If the closure is moved and agreed to while a Member is moving or seconding (where necessary) an amendment—that is, before the question on the amendment is proposed from the Chair—the amendment is superseded, and the question on the original question is put immediately.

The House divided. [10:33]

(The Speaker—Hon. Tony Smith)

DIVISION:AYES 56 (5 majority) NOES 51 PAIRS 20
Alexander, JG Allen, K
Andrews, KL Archer, BK
Bell, AM Broadbent, RE
Chester, D Conaghan, PJ
Coulton, M Drum, DK (teller)
Dutton, PC Entsch, WG
Falinski, JG Fletcher, PW
Frydenberg, JA Gee, AR
Gillespie, DA Goodenough, IR
Hammond, CM Hawke, AG
Hunt, GA Kelly, C
Leeser, J Ley, SP
Littleproud, D Liu, G
Martin, FB McCormack, MF
McIntosh, MI McVeigh, JJ
Morrison, SJ O’Brien, T
O’Dowd, KD Pasin, A
Pearce, GB Pitt, KJ
Porter, CC Price, ML
Ramsey, RE (teller) Robert, SR
Sharma, DN Simmonds, J
Stevens, J Sukkar, MS
Taylor, AJ Tehan, DT
Thompson, P Tudge, AE
van Manen, AJ Vasta, RX
Wallace, AB Webster, AE
Wilson, TR Wyatt, KG
Young, T Zimmerman, T
Albanese, AN Aly, A
Bandt, AP Bowen, CE
Burke, AS Burney, LJ
Burns, J Butler, MC
Butler, TM Chalmers, JE
Claydon, SC Coker, EA
Collins, JM Dick, MD
Freelander, MR (teller) Giles, AJ
Gorman, P Gosling, LJ
Haines, H Hayes, CP
Hill, JC Husic, EN
Jones, SP Katter, RC
Keogh, MJ Khalil, P
King, CF King, MMH
Leigh, AK Marles, RD
McBride, EM Mitchell, BK
Mulino, D Murphy, PJ
O’Connor, BPJ O’Neil, CE
Payne, AE Phillips, FE
Plibersek, TJ Rishworth, AL
Ryan, JC (teller) Sharkie, RCC
Snowdon, WE Steggall, Z
Swanson, MJ Templeman, SR
Thwaites, KL Wells, AS
Wilkie, AD Wilson, JH
Zappia, A
Andrews, KJ Bird, SL
Buchholz, S Byrne, AM
Christensen, GR Champion, ND
Coleman, DB Conroy, PM
Connelly, V Chesters, LM
Evans, TM Clare, JD
Flint, NJ Dreyfus, MA
Hastie, AW Elliot, MJ
Hogan, KJ Georganas, S
Howarth, LR Kearney, G
Irons, SJ Mitchell, RG
Joyce, BT Neumann, SK
Laming, A Owens, JA
Landry, ML Perrett, GD
Marino, NB Rowland, MA
Morton, B Smith, DPB
O’Brien, LS Stanley, AM
Wicks, LE Thistlethwaite, MJ
Wilson, RJ Vamvakinou, M
Wood, JP Watts, TG