Nov 1, 2010

Camden Airport Master Plan approved

Camden Airport Master Plan approved

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure & Transport

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

November 1 2010

Today I have approved Camden Airport’s 2010 Master Plan which sets out its strategic direction and intended uses over the next twenty years.

In response to concerns raised in public submissions, and consistent with our Aviation White Paper, the Master Plan outlines a number of immediate steps the Airport will take to improve the way it engages with the local community.

Firstly, the Airport will establish a Planning Coordination Forum comprising representatives from Camden City Council and the NSW Government to make sure future developments onsite are not approved in isolation from state and local planning laws.

Secondly, the Airport will create a Community Consultation Forum. To be headed by an independent chair the Forum will be provide opportunities for the community to obtain information about the Airport’s day-to-day activities and longer term plans as well as act as a mechanism for working through issues of concern.

In response to another major issue identified in the public submissions, the Airport has agreed to take some preliminary steps to minimise the impact of noise by relocating helicopter operations away from residences along Ellis Lane.

They will also implement a Noise Management Plan by 2011.

The Master Plan also foreshadows:

  • Taxiway upgrades/modifications;
  • Provision for additional hangar space;
  • Increased area for aircraft parking and tie-downs;
  • Relocation of engine run-up bays, and construction of additional facilities;
  • Publication of filming guidelines to ensure safety and operational requirements are being met.

Together these measures will better balance our nation’s need for aviation infrastructure such Camden Airport with the effects its activities can have on the communities living nearby.

The Airport now has 50 business days to make its Master Plan public.