Apr 4, 2008

Children and Parks do mix

Children and Parks do Mix

MEDIA RELEASE – The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

April 4 2008

Anthony Albanese met with Diane Nilon, the Principal of St Michael’s Primary School in Stanmore to discuss Marrickville Council’s proposed changes to the school’s access to Weekley Park and their ban of ball games. Traditionally, the school, which has no grassed area of its own, has had access to Weekley Park for 20 minutes a day at lunchtime.

Mr. Albanese is critical of these proposed restrictions.

“The Inner West is an area of medium to high density housing with many families having no or only small backyards. Parks offer children the opportunity to play in a pleasant outdoor environment.”

“In particular, Weekley Park plays an important part in the school and community life of St Michael’s children. At lunchtime, they can play for 20 minutes in natural surroundings away from the asphalt playground and the park is a meeting place for kids and parents after school.”

“Children from St Michael’s have been playing in this park since the 1920’s and it seems crazy that the Council now wants to place unreasonable restrictions on children’s access to the Park. Playing in the park allows the kids to run around, have fun and keep fit.”

“I think the Council should rethink these changes. Parks are for the community to enjoy and kids are at the heart of our community.”