Sep 14, 2004

Chisolm TAFE to benefit from Labor’s plan for training and education


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 14 September 2004

Today Anthony Albanese MP, Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training, announced that a Latham Labor Government will create additional places at the Chisholm Institute of TAFE as part of an additional 20,000 places nationally.

Mr Albanese was joined by Helen Constas, Labor’s Candidate for Dunkley, for the announcement and a tour of the Institute’s Frankston Campus.

“Education is a great passion of mine, and I’m pleased a Latham Labor Government will create 20,000 new TAFE places, including many right here in Frankston.

“Having taught at both the Frankston and Moorabbin campuses of the Chisholm Institute of TAFE, I understand how important this institute is to creating opportunity in the local area, particular for our young people,” said Ms Constas.

Since the last Federal election the teenage unemployment rate in Dunkley has risen from 21.6% to 26.4% – a massive 22% increase in less than three years.

“Despite persistently high levels of teenage unemployment, the Howard Government has refused to properly fund our TAFE institutions. Last year alone 15,000 young Australians were turned away from TAFE due to a lack of places,” said Mr Albanese.

“As well as creating new opportunities for young Australians, Labor’s commitment to invest more in our public TAFE institutions will also benefit older workers. Of the 20,000 additional TAFE places, 2,500 will be earmarked for workers aged over 45,” Mr Albanese confirmed.

These additional TAFE places for older workers were announced as part of Labor’s $212 million Greater Security, More Opportunity for Mature Age Australians policy.

Labor understands that the best way to support older Australians who want to delay their retirement and stay working is to provide them the support they need to keep their skills relevant to the demands of the modern labour market.

“Only Labor has policies that will reward mature age workers with a tax cut and provide real help to those wanting to get back into work,” said Mr Albanese.

“With an ageing population and skill shortages across key industries, wasting the skills and experiences of older Australians is no longer an option,” said Ms Constas.

The time for action is now and only Labor has a positive agenda for Dunkley.