May 11, 2017

Cities neglected in 2017 Budget

For all its rhetoric, the Coalition Government has continued to neglect Australian cities in its 2017 Budget, with no real investment for policies or programs.

The Prime Minister and his Parliamentary Secretary for Cities have spoken a great deal about expanding the City Deals program; however there is not one extra dollar in the 2017 Budget to make this a reality.

This comes on top of the Coalition’s failure to allocate a dollar of new investment for public transport, despite expert warnings that traffic congestion is acting as a hand brake against economic and jobs growth in our cities.

Infrastructure Australia has warned urban congestion will cost the nation $53 billion a year in lost productivity by 2031 without investment now.

The Coalition Government is leaving Australian cities behind at a time when they require leadership and investment from the Commonwealth to ensure their ongoing productivity, sustainability and liveability.

The fact is four out of every five Australians live in cities.

What’s more, Australian cities produce 80 per cent of our GDP.

The Prime Minister should provide real investment instead of more rhetoric so our cities can continue to grow and be great places to live and work.