May 11, 2006

Clean energy project stopped, Company blames Howard Government

Clean energy project stopped

Company blames Howard Government


11 May 2006

Today, renewable energy company Roaring 40s announced it was halting work on major wind farms in Tasmania and South Australia because the Howard Government has not increased the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target.

This is further proof that Howard Government’s policies are destroying Australia’s clean energy industry and jobs in regional Australia.

Just last month, Roaring 40s announced a $300 million deal to provide three wind farms to China.

They’re welcome in China, but not in John Howard’s Australia.

On 6 April 2006, the Environment Minister stopped a $220 million wind farm in Bald Hills, Victoria because one parrot every 667 years was threatened.

The Howard Government has refused to increase the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target of 2% which has now been reached. China has a 15% target.

The Budget was another kick in the teeth for clean energy, with no new initiatives to tackle climate change or support renewable energy. Instead, 50 staff are being cut from climate programs in the Environment portfolio.

It’s not surprising the clean energy industry is packing up its bags and looking for opportunities in other countries.

The Howard Government is mortgaging Australia’s future. Major corporations frame their long-term strategies around the impact of climate change, but for the 11th Budget in a row the Treasurer failed to mention climate change.

When our children look back, they will judge the Howard Government very harshly for not taking strong action to support clean energy and avoid dangerous climate change.