Jul 19, 2011

Climate Change Forum in Petersham – Inner West Says Yes to Action on Climate Change

Minister for Climate Change, Greg Combet, will discuss the Gillard Labor Government’s action on climate change at a forum in Petersham on August 3.

The forum will be hosted by Member for Grayndler Anthony Albanese and will provide an opportunity for residents of the Inner West to hear about the Government’s plan to put a price on carbon and to ask questions of the Minister.

“This forum will allow local residents to get past Tony Abbott’s dishonest fear campaign and hear the facts of why we need to take action on climate change,” said Mr Albanese.

“There will also be an opportunity to discuss the government’s tax reforms which will benefit low and middle income Australians.”

Mr Albanese said it was important for the Government to engage with the community and expressed his gratitude to Minister Combet for taking the time to visit this area.

“In 2009, we tried twice to put a price on carbon pollution but were blocked by opposition parties in the Senate,” said Mr Albanese.

“We can’t afford to lose another opportunity to put in place real solutions on climate change.”

The forum will be held at Petersham Town Hall on Wednesday 3 August starting at 6.30pm. People can RSVP by calling Mr Albanese’s office on 9564 3588.