May 23, 2017

Coalition cuts Bruce Highway investment

The Turnbull Government cut investment on the Bruce Highway upgrade by $85 million in the year to June 30.

And Senate Budget Estimates hearings have confirmed there was no new money for the Bruce Highway in the 2017 Budget.

In the 2016 Budget, the Government promised it would invest $558 million on Bruce Highway projects in 2016-17.

But the 2017 Budget documents reveal that, in fact, the Government will invest $473 million in that period.

The figures underline the Turnbull Government’s ongoing campaign of adopting Labor’s language when it comes to the need for increased infrastructure investment without backing its rhetoric with actual increased investment.

The Budget papers show that nationally, the Government cut infrastructure investment by $1.6 billion in this financial year alone.

In his Budget speech and accompanying glossy documents, Treasurer Scott Morrison sought to suggest the Government would boost investment on the Bruce over the next ten years.

However, in Senate Budget Estimates committee hearings on Monday, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Secretary Mike Mrdak confirmed there was no new money.