Oct 26, 2017

Coalition denies Tasmania $92 million in promised infrastructure investment

The Abbott-Turnbull Government has failed to deliver $92 million that it promised to invest in Tasmania’s railways and roads in the past three years.

In its first three Budgets, the Government undertook to invest $415 million on Tasmanian infrastructure.

But Budget documents reveal it actually invested $323 million.

The $92 million shortfall indicates the Government is either misleading Tasmanians about its actual commitment to improving the state’s infrastructure, or is too incompetent to roll out promised projects.

The cuts include $67 million promised for major roads, $28 million for rail and $3.5 million for the Black Spot road safety program, which delivers safety upgrades to sites of serious traffic accidents.

Tasmania needs increased rail and road investment to provide jobs and economic activity in the short and medium term and to lift productivity in the long term.

The Federal Coalition Government has a responsibility to deliver.

Instead, it has promised investment but failed to follow through with actual spending, apparently hoping no-one will notice.

This pattern of deceptive behaviour is not confined to Tasmania.

Across the nation the Government has delivered $3.9 billion less infrastructure investment than promised in its first three Budgets.

Labor has a record of delivery when it comes to infrastructure investment in Tasmania.

Over six years the former Labor Government increased per capita infrastructure investment from $157 per Tasmanian to $264 per Tasmanian.