May 5, 2017

Coalition must invest in Victorian infrastructure

Malcolm Turnbull must use next Tuesday’s Budget to invest in the infrastructure Victoria needs to support its rapidly growing population and future economic development.

Victoria currently receives just 7.7 per cent of the Commonwealth’s infrastructure budget, despite being home to 25 per cent of the Australia population.

A good way to begin addressing this inequity is to fund the Melbourne Metro, which the Coalition cut $3 billion from in the 2014 Budget to help fund the dud East-West Link toll road.

The Melbourne Metro was identified by Infrastructure Australia as a project of national significance.

In contrast the East-West Link toll road would have only returned 45 cents for every dollar invested.

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city and requires Commonwealth investment.

Malcolm Turnbull should also provide Victoria with the money they are entitled to under the Commonwealth’s asset recycling scheme, which was created with funds taken from the former Labor Government’s Building Australia Fund.

This would enable the Victorian Government to fund vital upgrades to the state’s regional rail network.

Since its election the Coalition has sidelined Infrastructure Australia and refused to fund important projects to punish Victorians for having the temerity to vote Labor at the previous state election.

Mr Turnbull needs to stop taking selfies on trains and trams and use next Tuesday’s Budget to actually invest in the infrastructure Victoria needs.