Jun 9, 2017

Coalition slashes Tassie infrastructure investment

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull plans to cut Federal investment in Tasmanian railways, roads and other infrastructure by more than two thirds in the next three years.

At a time when Tasmania needs increased investment to secure productivity gains and boost economic growth, the Coalition is cutting investment to the bone.

Budget documents show that while the Commonwealth expects to invest $174.6 million in Tasmanian infrastructure in 2017-18, the figure will fall to $52.6 million by 2019-20 – see graph below.
The cuts will follow a $26 million reduction in infrastructure spending in Tasmania in the current financial year revealed in the Budget in May, including cuts to the Black Spots program and general road funding.

Year after year the Coalition Government pretends it is lifting infrastructure investment but year after year it inflicts more painful cuts on Tasmania.

Tasmanians pay their taxes just like other Australians.

But from the moment the Coalition took office and cut $100 million from the Midland Highway upgrade, it has been reducing funding.

Under the former Labor Government, Commonwealth investment in Tasmanian infrastructure was equivalent to $264 a year per Tasmanian.

But by 2020-21, investment will fall to $118 per Tasmanian.

That’s not good enough.