May 15, 2017

Coalition slashes Victorian infrastructure budget

The 2017 Budget Papers reveal that Commonwealth infrastructure investment for Victoria will be further reduced from its already pathetic levels in coming years, collapsing to as little as $280 million in 2020-21.

These vicious cuts highlight the chasm between the Coalition Government’s rhetoric on infrastructure and its total inability to engage in the planning required to take projects from the drawing board and into construction.

Budget Paper No. 2 says it all in the table below.

        Source: Budget Paper No. 2, page 134. 

Budget figures also reveal that in the current financial year the Coalition Government will cut its already pathetic Victorian infrastructure budget by $150 million in the year to June 30.

The Coalition Government’s cuts include funding that was to be used to fix dangerous blackspots on local roads and improve roadside facilities used by truck drivers.

It is an absolute disgrace that despite making up 25 per cent of Australia’s population, the state of Victoria does not receive its fair share of infrastructure investment.
They have even dudded the Victorian Government on its request for Regional Rail funding from the Asset Recycling Fund that the Coalition said it would deliver.

The Coalition Government continues petty act of punishing Victorians for having the temerity to vote for the Andrews Labor Government at the last state election.