Sep 23, 2013

Coalition starts wrecking the NBN

It has taken less than a week for the Coalition to start wrecking the National Broadband Network, with reports today that the entire board has offered its resignation.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that NBN Co Chair Siobhan McKenna has submitted her resignation to Malcolm Turnbull, along with the rest of the board.

These reports follow Mr Turnbull’s continued personal and vindictive attacks on the NBN Co board.

Mr Turnbull’s ongoing slurs on the professionalism and competence of the NBN Co board have been disgraceful.

NBN Co’s board members are directing the rollout of Australia’s largest ever infrastructure project and deserve support, not denigration.

It is clear that the Coalition is determined to forge ahead with its plan to wreck the NBN, putting in its place a second rate network that relies on last century’s copper.

The Coalition’s plans will see a digital divide in every suburb, where people who can afford as much as $5000 can get fibre to the home and those that can’t miss out.

Mr Turnbull needs to confirm whether the board has offered its resignation en masse and whether he will accept it or reject it.