May 15, 2006

Come clean, John Howard, on nuclear waste

Come clean, John Howard, on nuclear waste


15 May 2006

Mark Vaile has revealed the Howard Government’s vision for Australia – as a dump for high level nuclear waste.

The Howard Government has no sustainable plan for the future.

Mark Vaile has asked Australians to have an “open mind” on nuclear leasing – selling uranium and taking the highly radioactive waste in return.

John Howard has back-pedalled on the nature of his US discussions , but in a pattern all too frequent lately, it seems there is one story when he’s overseas and a different one back here at home.

What is John Howard’s real position?

In any case, the Howard government cannot locate sites for low and medium level nuclear waste for domestic nuclear material from Australia’s hospitals.

If the Howard Government can’t competently organise low and medium level waste disposal, why are they talking about high level waste?

Why are they now contemplating this US plan, and why can’t Mr Howard and Vaile coming clean with Australians about this plan?

The same Government that claims to have no idea how $300 million was paid to Saddam Hussein in the wheat for weapons scandal, now wants to send uranium to countries that haven’t even signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty.