Apr 6, 2004

Commemorating those who have served

Commemorating Those who have Served Anniversary of National Service Medal Presentation

MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 6 April 2004

Mr Frank Smith served in the Citizen Military Forces of the Australian Defence Force from 14th August 1956 to the 16th April 1958 and was based in the Military Base on Addison Road, Stanmore.

Mr Smith is one of many Australians who served during 1951 until 1972 in the Defence Force who have been honoured to receive the Anniversary of National Service Medal.

The Medal has been initiated to recognise those who served in our armed forces while we were not at war.

Mr Smith, ‘It’s recognition that we were there for our country if war broke out.’

The medal joins the honours medals awarded to full and part-time members of the Australian Defence Force, both current and former. These include gallantry and bravery decorations; distinguished, conspicuous, and meritorious service decorations; as well as service and campaign medals and commemorative medals.

Mr Albanese will present the Anniversary of National Service Medal to Mr Smith this Tuesday at his electorate office at 10am.