Aug 21, 2018

Constituency Statements – Planning and Development – Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Local planning powers being given to Macquarie Street and taken away from the local community is not sensible policy. I pay tribute to the current Minister for Planning in New South Wales, Anthony Roberts, who was prepared to sit down with the Mayor of the Inner West Council, Darcy Byrne, and me, as the federal shadow minister for cities, and restore those planning powers to the Inner West Council and to Canterbury-Bankstown council. It will result in a much better outcome for the community. One of the things that caused such a revolt by local members of the community was the proposal of Mirvac down at Carrington Road which would have seen an old industrial area where there is just one road in and one road out, built in a flood plain, have four 35-storey towers. Within a couple of weeks of that proposal being made public, at a meeting organised by the council, Jo Haylen, the local state member for Summer Hill, and I, we packed out Marrickville Town Hall. This is a sensible proposal. There is a message here also for the development community: sit down with the local community members and work with them; don’t seek to impose overdevelopment which destroys the character of local communities. Congratulations to all involved in this community campaign.