May 7, 2013

Construction costs not affected by carbon price

New official figures confirm that the Carbon Price has had little if any impact on the cost of the materials used in the building of roads and bridges.

In fact these construction costs are now rising at a slower pace than that recorded prior to the introduction of the Carbon Price – the very opposite of what Tony Abbott and his National Party sidekick Warren Truss said would happen.

During the first nine months of the Carbon Price (July 2012 to March 2013), the average quarterly rise was just 0.6 per cent, significantly smaller than the average for the past decade (1.1 per cent).

This reality stands in stark contrast with the doomsday predictions of the Federal Coalition.  Indeed, on the day the Carbon Price was announced Mr Truss said it “will add greatly to road building costs” and lead to the shelving of countless road projects such as the duplication of the Pacific Highway.

Wrong and wrong.

We have not cancelled any projects and there has been no impact on the costs associated with delivering them.  To the contrary, many projects are continuing to come in under-budget.

Yet another of Tony Abbott’s Carbon Price claims has been exposed as nothing more than a blatant and deliberate deception from a political leader who has no plan for Australia’s future.

For my part, I am proud to be part of a government that has been prepared to do what’s right and not simply take the easy option of leaving action on Climate Change to future generations.