Oct 17, 2006

Democracy Week, 18-24 October

Democracy Week, 18-24 October


17 October 2006

Anthony Albanese MP, Federal Member for Grayndler, has drawn attention to the need for vigilance this Democracy Week.

“As well as celebrating the fact that we live in a free country built on democratic principles such as freedom of speech and freedom of association, Democracy Week is important reminder of the need to stand up for these democratic rights,” said Mr Albanese.

“We cannot parade democracy around while trashing the principles on which democracy is built.”

Mr Albanese said, “The Howard Government’s anti-democratic agenda is clear.”

“Since last Democracy Week, the Government has abused the parliamentary process, ramming through laws that restrict freedom of speech and civil liberties”

“The Howard Government’s IR legislation has trampled workers’ rights and made it harder to organise and bargain collectively. The sedition laws in the anti-terror legislation have the potential to drastically limit freedom of speech.”

“What’s more, the government’s electoral reforms make it easier to donate large undisclosed sums of money to political parties, and harder to exercise your democratic right to vote.”

“The Australian Government must protect Australians’ democratic rights, not take them away,” Mr Albanese said.