Mar 26, 2014

Desperate tactics from visionless coalition

Desperate Coalition MPs are resorting to telling fibs about Labor’s commitment to the Roads to Recovery program to conceal Tony Abbott’s inaction on infrastructure investment.

The Land Transport Infrastructure Amendment Bill 2014 did little more than eliminate the term nation building from the statue books as part of Mr Abbott’s agenda of rebadging Labor Government programs.

There was no funding attached to this piece of legislation.

Labor sought to strengthen the Bill, particularly by ensuring that all major projects of more than $100 million would have cost-benefit analysis through the Infrastructure Australia process.

Labor not only supports the Roads to Recovery Program, but increased funding for it.

A simple check of the 2013-14 Commonwealth Budget will confirm that the Labor Government extended both Roads to Recovery funding and the Black Spots program across the forward estimates.

The misrepresentations of the Coalition are pathetic.

For months, Mr Abbott and his MPs have been re-announcing Labor infrastructure projects to pretend they were delivered by the Coalition.

Australians are seeing through these fibs so now the Government is resorting to ever more desperate tactics.

They are just making things up.