Mar 12, 2005

Disturbance of human remains at ANZAC Cove


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 12 March 2005

The shocking revelations of human remains at Anzac Cove must shake the Government out of its complacency.

Photographic evidence of bones found at Anzac Cove confirms the Howard Government’s failure to protect this precious area.

Important artefacts such as bullets, cartridge cases, axe heads and water bottles have also been unearthed.

Anzac Cove is much more than heritage site – it is a sacred site for all Australians which helps define our national identity.

This fiasco for our nation’s heritage would not have occurred if the Prime Minister’s unequivocal commitment of 18 December 2003 had not been broken.

The Prime Minister’s commitment was that the:

“Anzac site at Gallipoli should represent the first nomination for inclusion on the National Heritage List”.

To date, seven sites have been listed, but Anzac Cove is not one of them.

The Prime Minister said yesterday he was “satisfied” that “no remains had been unearthed”. He has arrogantly dismissed Labor for raising these important issues.

This is an issue of concern to all Australians.

The Prime Minister must explain the contradiction between his statements and these subsequent revelations.