Aug 24, 2006

Dr Dennis Jensen – a victim of nuclear fallout

Dr Dennis Jensen – a victim of nuclear fallout


24 August 2006

The dumping of the Member for Tangney, Dennis Jensen, by the Liberal Party after just two years in Parliament has exposed the Howard Government’s hypocrisy over nuclear energy.

Dr Jensen is the strongest advocate of nuclear energy in the Government.

Dr Jensen has paid the price for being honest and stating he would welcome a nuclear power plant in his Perth electorate.

The Howard Government initiated an inquiry into the economics of nuclear energy and stacked it with nuclear energy proponents, but the inquiry will not consider where the nuclear power plants or nuclear waste sites will be.

Home owners and businesses know that location is one of the most critical cost factors for a development.

Dr Jensen has exposed the hypocrisy behind the Howard Government’s inquiry into a “virtual” nuclear industry that apparently has no location and produces no nuclear waste.

Because Dr Jensen embarrassed the Howard Government with his honesty that nuclear reactors have to actually be sited somewhere, he has been targeted by factional warlords Senator Ian Campbell and Senator Chris Ellison.

Ian Campbell will go to any lengths to avoid being accountable for where nuclear reactors and nuclear waste sites will be – even to the point of decommissioning Parliament’s most zealous nuclear advocate.