Oct 12, 2012

Dubbo Airport to Benefit from Increased Security

Today I announced the Federal Labor Government has delivered $320,000 to boost security for residents and passengers travelling through Dubbo Airport.

The funding will help Dubbo Airport prepare for the rollout of new and improved passenger and baggage screening arrangements which will be required as larger size planes carrying more passengers begin to use the airport.

Across Australia and since 1 July, regional airports servicing aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 20,000kg or more have introduced new passenger screening technologies including walk through and hand-held metal detectors, x-ray machines for carry-on baggage and explosive trace detection.

Before this equipment is installed, Dubbo Airport will need to make minor modifications including converting part of the airport into a sterile departure lounge. The funding we’re providing will enable Dubbo Airport to make these modifications as quickly as possible.

Regional airports like Dubbo play a critical role in our economy and connect communities across vast distances. For many people living in regional areas, flying is the only means to conduct business and attend medical appointments in our capital cities.

The improved screening arrangements reflect the fact that passengers on regional air services are entitled to the same protections of a safe and secure aviation system as any other air traveller.

Australia leads the world when it comes to aviation safety and security and we are always reviewing our security and safety systems to ensure that they remain the world’s best. These new measures will make Dubbo’s skies even safer for the 170,000 passengers that fly in and out every year.