Apr 26, 2013

Easier, more direct M4 access at Erskine Park and St Clair

The Federal and NSW Governments have today agreed to progress work on an additional set of on and off ramps along the M4 at Roper and Erskine Park Roads, a project which would give local residents easier, more direct access to and from the Motorway when heading to or coming from the west.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said at the moment only motorists coming from or going to the City can exit or enter the Motorway at Roper and Erskine Park Roads.

“The additional ramps will no doubt be welcomed by the many local residents, as well as those that work in the area, who are currently forced to take long detours simply to get onto or off the M4,” said Mr Albanese.

“This new commitment adds to the unprecedented $3.2 billion in Federal funding which we’ve already committed to projects designed to tackle congestion and make Sydney an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

The project will be jointly funded by the Federal and NSW Governments, with each contributing $5 million.

NSW Roads and Ports Minister Duncan Gay said as well as helping to address localised congestion, the new ramps would also improve access to the new, recently opened Erskine Park industrial estate.

“The funding we’re providing will allow initial planning and other preconstruction activities to be underway, work which will establish accurate costings and a realistic construction timetable for the project,” said Mr Gay.

“We are determined to begin this work this year.”


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Roper Road—M4 access ramps

Map showing the position of the M4 access ramps for the Roper Road, M4 and Erskine Park Road intersection