Dec 7, 2011

Economy continues to power ahead

All Australians can be proud of the strong economic growth figures in the latest National Accounts, an exceptional result at a time of global uncertainty.

This is great news for local families and small businesses.

It means they can be confident that our local economy here in the Inner West will continue to thrive and support jobs.

These results are yet more evidence that the Federal Labor Government has continued to get the big economic calls right.

Just as we did when we acted during the dark days of the global financial crisis to keep this country out of recession, keep unemployment low, and keep the doors of local businesses open.

At a time when many European countries are facing massive unemployment, the National Account figures show we’re better placed than just about any country in the face of global instability.

As a Federal Labor Member of Parliament, I’m proud that our local economy here is so strong.

By working together, we’ve kept our economy strong and delivered low unemployment.

I recognise that despite the strong economic figures there are still many people doing it tough which is why the Federal Labor Government is working hard to help families with the cost of education, childcare and paid parental leave.

One of the advantages of having a strong economy is that it meant more jobs for people in the Inner West.

Nothing is more important to help deal with household bills than having a job with a decent wage.

The Federal Labor Government has kept the economy strong through the global financial crisis and natural disasters, and we’re firmly on track to bring the budget back to surplus in 2012-13.

This is not to mention that around 750,000 more Australians are in work today than when Labor came to Government.

By getting the basics right, the Federal Labor Government is continuing to create jobs and keep our economy strong.