Sep 15, 2016

EIS supports Labor’s plan to minimise aircraft noise

Labor’s support for night time landings and take-offs to the south west, away from communities, at Badgerys Creek Airport in addition to no concentration of aircraft noise at any time has been endorsed by the EIS.

This is despite Paul Fletcher in only April of this year criticising Labor’s proposal as “hastily cobbled together.”

The EIS released today adopts Labor’s proposal for Badgerys Creek Airport and is a significant win for communities across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Labor has always argued that aviation operations must minimise their impact on local communities.

I have met with representatives of the Blue Mountains City Council, Penrith City Council and WSROC, as well as a number of residents who have shared their concerns with me.

Labor supports the construction of an airport at Badgerys Creek. It will be an economic game changer for Western Sydney, providing jobs and increased economic activity for generations to come.

Labor has argued that for the airport to be a success, it is important that best environmental practice be implemented on the greenfield site.

That means the airport design, provision of related road and rail infrastructure and airspace operations that minimise noise impacts must be essential components of the development.

The airport must open with a rail link “built in” and ready to function if we are to avoid further road congestion in Western Sydney.

We’ll only get one chance to build Western Sydney’s Airport. We need to get it right to ensure maximum economic benefit whilst also ensuring sustainable environmental outcomes.