May 22, 2017

Estimates hearing confirms SA infrastructure rip-off

This morning’s Senate Budget Estimates hearings in Canberra have confirmed that Budget 2017 does not include a single extra dollar for South Australian infrastructure.

In his Budget Speech on May 9, Treasurer Scott Morrison claimed he was increasing national infrastructure investment to support economic growth.

But in fact, Budget 2017 cut infrastructure investment by $1.6 billion nationally in this year alone.

In  a Senate Budget Estimates hearing today, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Secretary Mike Mrdak said: “There are no additional new projects in South Australia over and above those that were previously committed.’’

It is time for the Turnbull Government to stop pretending and start investing in rail, roads, ports and other infrastructure right around the country.

In particular, it should work with the SA Government to progress the ADELINK light rail project.