May 18, 2010

Even Tony Abbott doesn’t believe Tony Abbott – Opinion – The Punch

Even Tony Abbott doesn’t believe Tony Abbott

Opinion – The Punch

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Last night under pressure Tony Abbott cracked and told all Australians that they should not believe any statements that he makes.

Tony Abbott said “The statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth are those carefully prepared, scripted remarks”. This extraordinary concession from ‘Phoney Tony’ was followed by ten minutes of evasion and confusion.

We know that Phoney Tony has been receiving acting lessons but quite clearly he’s acting coach forgot to tell him how important it was to stay ‘in character’.

We know that Tony Abbott has extreme views on Work Choices, on social policy, on the public sector, and climate change scepticism but he has been trying to keep that in check. We now know from his own mouth that whenever he speaks it will be unclear whether it is ‘gospel truth Tony’ or ‘heat of the moment Tony’.

Tony Abbott has blown his own credibility out of the water and any Australian who was in any doubt over whether he was trustworthy now must take Tony at his word that he is not. Perhaps Tony Abbott will now drop the act for good and expose his extreme out of touch views for all to see.

I suspect though, Tony Abbott will continue to say anything and do anything in his search for power regardless of whether he believes his statements to be true or not.

Phoney Tony is simply unbelievable – just ask him.