Jul 22, 2016

Fair compensation essential over latest WestConnex changes

The Baird Government must pay full compensation to the owners of 27 properties it will resume to make way for a 1.1km tunnel under Victoria Road at Rozelle as part of its WestConnex project.

After ignoring affected communities over the design of WestConnex for nearly three years, the NSW Government has again changed the scope of the project so that a tunnel from Iron Cove under Victoria Road at Rozelle will be built.

Yesterday I discussed the changes with NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay and asked for further detailed briefings.

My starting point is that affected landholders must receive fair and adequate compensation.

The Baird Government has failed to properly consult with the community on this project since day one, leaving residents with no certainty as to the final route and its effect on the community.

It is why proper planning and community consultation is essential prior to the commencement of infrastructure projects.

I will continue to make strong representations to the NSW Government on behalf of affected residents and communities in my electorate.