Mar 5, 2013

Federal Labor Gives Fair Share to the Bruce Highway

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson is being disingenuous with his comments about the current level of Federal support for the Bruce Highway.

The truth is since coming to office in late 2007 this Federal Labor Government has committed $3.3 billion to maintaining and upgrading the Bruce Highway.  This compares to the former Howard Government which could only manage to find just $1.3 billion over twelve long years – and that’s despite it being Australia’s highest ever taxing government.

Thanks to our record funding, hundreds of workers are onsite right now rebuilding some 100 kilometres of the Highway.

But there’s no doubt more work needs to be done to fix over a decade of neglect, and that’s why the Bruce Highway will again be a priority in our next Nation Building Program scheduled to start in the middle of next year.

Lastly, I note that when his Federal Leader Tony Abbott made a $1.5 billion commitment to the Sydney-based road project, Westconnex, we did not see similar crocodile tears from Mr Emerson about the Bruce Highway “missing out” on Federal funding.

In fact to date, Mr Abbott has failed to commit even one dollar to the Highway.

It’s time to put the politics aside and for the Newman Government to work with us on delivering real money for real projects that will make a real difference along the Bruce Highway.