May 31, 2007

Federal Labor prepared to tackle climate change

Federal Labor prepared to tackle climate change


31 May 2007

Federal Labor continues to step up to the challenge of tackling dangerous climate, while the Howard Government prepares to step up its advertising campaign and to steer Australia down the nuclear path.

Australia used to be a world leader in solar thermal power demonstration and research, and Federal Labor wants to see us return to that position by 2010.

To that end, a Rudd Labor Government will provide $50 million to establish the Australian Solar Institute, to deliver a global solar energy hub that will develop and demonstrate solar thermal technologies and advanced solar technologies

Federal Labor will also invest in other renewable energy sources, providing up to $50 million to assist companies seeking to develop geothermal energy, or “hot rock technology”.

A Rudd Labor Government will lead by example by:

  • setting an objective to power Parliament House and all MP electorate offices with renewable and clean energy
  • increasing current requirements for new Commonwealth office buildings and leases to have a minimum five star Australian Building greenhouse ratings (or equivalent) 
  • ensuring that all appliances and equipment (such as computers, fridges and lighting) are the most efficient and cost effective available.

Labor offers real solutions to tackling dangerous climate change through renewable energy and energy efficiency, while the Howard Government just offers an advertising campaign and a dangerous nuclear fantasy.