Oct 11, 2017

Federal Labor welcomes M1 progress

Federal Labor welcomes today’s announcement naming Lendlease as the successful tenderer to carry out the much-needed M1-Gateway merge upgrade.

The merge needs to be upgraded as a matter of urgency in the interests of the families and businesses who have been forced to sit bumper to bumper on this congested bit of road for far too long.

We congratulate the Queensland Labor Government for doggedly pursuing this upgrade by consistently being willing to come to the table to reach a funding solution.

Construction could have already started on this vital piece of road infrastructure had the Turnbull Government not ignored the needs of the local community for so long.

The Federal Liberals have had years to act on this issue and every minute spent in traffic on the M1 has been a reminder for locals of their persistent failures and neglect.

It’s only through a sustained campaign by Federal Labor, Logan City Council, local businesses and the broader community that the Liberals finally succumbed to community pressure and were forced into action.

Despite all their talk on the M1, it took the Liberals more than an entire term in Government to commit anything meaningful, and for more than four years they didn’t invest a single cent on upgrading that stretch of freeway.

This was mirrored by Tim Nicholls’ state LNP, who didn’t put one dollar into upgrading the M1 during their time in Government.

For our part, Federal Labor not only committed to properly joining with the state to fund the M1-Gateway merge upgrade, but also invested $312 million in upgrades to the Logan stretch of the M1 when we were last in Government.

Local motorists are sick of being stuck in traffic on the M1 and we want to see the upgrade works finished as soon as possible.