Jul 28, 2013

Feds gets behind Perth Airport Link

The Rudd Labor Government has agreed to provided $3 million to help finalise a business case for the Perth Airport Link and begin the planning necessary to get the project ‘shovel ready’.

The proposed Link would connect Perth Airport, and the suburbs to the east, with the CBD via the Midland Line,  This will ensure Western Australians and tourists can go straight to the doorstep of the airport terminal, improving access for travellers and reducing traffic congestion.

Importantly, residents to the east of the Airport will also benefit from better public transport, with a new station to service the High Wycombe area via a tunnel.  A new line would integrate with services on the existing Midland line, resulting in increased train frequencies between Bayswater and Perth.

Perth is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and its Airport will continue to experience substantial passenger growth in the year’s ahead.  That’s why it’s critical we invest now in the world class public transport infrastructure which is able to cater for that growth and support future needs of Perth residents.

Our funding for the Airport Link matches the Western Australian Government’s $3 million and is on top of our previous $4 million commitment to the planning of a future light rail network for the City.

Providing funding for planning on these two significant projects will assist the State Government determine how to best use the $500 million we aside in our most recent Budget for the Perth Public Transport Package.

The Airport Rail Link Planning Study will include refined patronage demand forecasts, environmental and heritage assessments, risk management, and technical and engineering requirements including aviation safety requirements for tunnelling under the airport’s runways.

This Federal Labor Government is making an unprecedented investment in Western Australia’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure.  Already we have committed $6.9 billion, which is more than double what the former Howard Government spent over a similar period of time.