Fighting for Medicare since 1996

It was just my mum and I when I was growing up in Camperdown, living on what was then called an invalid pension. Mum had rheumatoid arthritis and often struggled with the most basic things.

It wasn’t until I went to uni that I realised not all people have to live like this.

And that’s why I joined the Australian Labor Party – to fight for equality of opportunity for everyone.

Labor built Medicare in 1983 so people like my mum could access the healthcare they need. But the Liberals have always wanted to attack public healthcare.

As your local member I fought against John Howard’s cruel cuts to Medicare. I stood up to Tony Abbott’s GP tax and now I’m fighting to stop Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to bulk billing.

The inner west needs someone who can stop the Liberals’ cuts, not just protest them.

With your support on July 2 we can make a real difference and save Medicare for good.

Anthony Albanese