Dec 21, 2011

Giving the community a voice around airports

The Gillard Labor Government has ensured effective consultation between airports and surrounding communities, with all of Australia’s major airports now establishing Community Aviation Consultation Groups (CACGs).

The groups provide an opportunity for discussions between airports and relevant airport stakeholders, including local communities.

All federally leased airports are required to establish CACGs to make sure the community is heard.

It also formalises the relationship between airport operators, residents, local authorities and airport users for the first time.

These independently chaired groups are a key initiative of the 2009 National Aviation Policy White Paper Flight Path to the Future and were a priority for the Government.

CACGs have been established for all required airports in Adelaide, Alice Springs, Archerfield, Bankstown, Brisbane, Camden, Canberra, Darwin, Essendon, Gold Coast, Hobart, Jandakot, Launceston, Melbourne, Moorabbin, Parafield, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.

The groups have already made important differences to their communities.

The Brisbane CACG has negotiated a ban on training flights at Brisbane Airport between 10pm and 6am each day.

In Melbourne, the Essendon CACG has successfully negotiated the Fly Neighbourly Agreement, a partnership between locals and the airport to effectively manage noise issues around the airport precinct.

These results show the groups are working well and their early success will continue as work progresses through next year.