May 22, 2014

Government reannounces Labor’s Tasmanian roads funding

Tony Abbott headlined at the Coalition’s magical mystery infrastructure reannouncement tour stop in Tasmania today, where he tried to pretend a road project already fully funded by the former Labor Government in the 2013-14 Budget was new spending.

The $25.6 million upgrade of the Brooker Highway that the Prime Minister reannounced today was fully funded in the 2013-14 Budget by the former Labor Government.

Once again, when it comes to infrastructure the Abbott Government has no new ideas and no new investment.

Since taking office the Abbott Government has re-announced literally dozens of Labor projects in an attempt to build credibility on infrastructure.

Mr Abbott has also cut every dollar of funding for the planning of Hobart’s Light Rail project and his commitment to reduce local government funding for local roads will hit Tasmanian councils hard.

Mr Abbott has also ripped $100 million out of the Midland Highway project and walked away from his promise of full duplication.

When Labor took office in 2007, Australia was ranked 20th in the OECD in terms of infrastructure development as a proportion of GDP.

Because of Labor’s record investment in infrastructure, Australia now ranks 1st.