Oct 27, 2006

Grayndler Payphones dumped while the taxpayer pays for $20 million in T3 ads

Grayndler Payphones dumped while the taxpayer pays for $20 million in T3 advertising


27 October 2006

It has been revealed that Telstra is planning to remove16 payphones in Grayndler, Anthony Albanese MP said today.

"I strongly oppose the removal of public payphones in Grayndler. So many people rely on them, especially teenagers and elderly members of our community," Mr Albanese said.

The payphones identified by Telstra for removal are located at:

• 48 Nelson St, Annandale

• 1 Foster St, Leichhardt

• 91 Lord St, Enmore

• 9 Trade St, Newtown

• 151 Cardigan St, Stanmore

• 1 Merchant St, Stanmore

• 1 Myrtle St, Stanmore

• 1 Albany Rd, Petersham

• 40 Rowley St, Camperdown

• 476 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill

• 20 Macarthur Pde, Dulwich Hill

• 1 Windsor Rd, Dulwich Hill

• 165 Edgeware Rd, Marrickville

• 23 Leicester St, Marrickville

• 1 Richards Rd, Marrickville

• 34 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

"This is a big safety concern. If there is an accident or an emergency, you can’t always rely on someone having a mobile phone”.

“Telstra is treating the local community with disregard again. And once the Howard Government sells the rest of Telstra, even more services will be slashed”.

“While essential services like these payphones are being cut, the Howard Government is shamelessly spending $20 million on an advertising campaign to sugar coat the T3 sale.”

"I urge local residents to sign the petitions and register their opposition to the removal of these local payphones by calling Telstra on 1800 011 433," Mr Albanese said