Mar 10, 2006

Green buildings essential to avoid dangerous climate change

Green buildings essential to avoid dangerous climate change


10 March 2006

A key component of Labor’s plan to avoid dangerous climate change is improving energy efficiency and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from our homes and buildings.

Commercial buildings will be responsible for 20% of Australia’s emissions by 2010.

The Szencorp building at 40 Albert Road South Melbourne was awarded Australia’s first six star Green Star rating.

This building is a superb physical demonstration that many of the technologies required to tackle climate change are available right now.

The building’s innovations include automated natural ventilation systems, a ceramic fuel cell to convert gas into electricity, solar energy, sensor occupancy control, and waste management to reduce water use and minimise waste.

A remarkable 70% reduction in energy has been achieved as well as a reduction of more than 80% in piped water use. 87% of the Szencorp building is made from recycled material.

Labor’s climate change plan will support five star ratings for new homes. Labor will work with energy utilities to encourage incentives for the application of energy and water efficient measures.

Governments have a critical role in promoting the application of technology which is available right now. I congratulate the Victorian Labor Government for their support of this project as part of their commitment to decreasing emissions from our homes and buildings.

The Szencorp building shows this is not only a positive for climate change but good for business by delivering cost savings and significant improvements in living and working environments.

Anthony Albanese today toured the Szencorp building to view these six star innovations in operation.