Mar 13, 2015

Greens Party Plan to Shutdown Aviation in Sydney

The Greens Party’s NSW election policy of closing Sydney Airport and opposing all possible sites for a second airport would leave Australia’s global city without any viable aviation industry at all. 

On Wednesday, the NSW Greens Transport Spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi was unable to explain how anyone would be able to fly into or out of Australia’s largest city, if her Party’s plan was implemented. 

They are actively campaigning against the second airport being constructed at Badgerys Creek and have previously opposed all other alternative sites including Wilton.

 This tactic, of opposing everything in an attempt to win votes, is an opportunistic political stunt that deserves scrutiny and condemnation.

 It is typical of the juvenile approach to public policy that the NSW Branch of the Greens Party has become renowned for.

 In 2012, the most comprehensive independent study ever undertaken into Sydney’s aviation needs, developed by the Federal and NSW Governments, made it absolutely clear that Sydney needs a second airport sooner rather than later.

 Despite this, the Greens Party continues to ignore the facts, and advocate a policy that would leave Sydney with no international airport at all.

 No political party willing to close Sydney’s gateway to the world can be taken seriously on transport policy.

 Channel 7 interview withNSW Greens Transport Spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi: