Nov 2, 2015

Greens political party leaves Liberal option open

Comments yesterday from Greens political party Leader Richard Di Natale suggesting that the Greens would consider entering into government with the Liberal and National Parties are deeply concerning for progressive voters.

When asked about supporting major parties in an interview yesterday, Senator Di Natale said:

You have to make these decisions election by election. You work out whether you can strike a formal agreement with one side of politics or the other.

At precisely the time when Malcolm Turnbull must be held to account for his abandonment of principle on climate change, marriage equality and other issues, the Greens Party Leader is leaving open the option of supporting a Liberal Government.

While progressives should be scrutinising Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Di Natale is flirting with him instead.

 The Coalition has abolished the carbon price, attacked renewable energy, savagely slashed health and education funding and is now planning to increase the GST to 15%.

 Despite this, the Greens political party is clearly leaving open the option of forming a government with them after the election.

Pragmatism on policy is one thing, but for the Greens political party to support the re-election of a government that is against carbon pricing and environmental protection would be a betrayal of those who vote for them.

One wonders what the local supporters of the Greens political party in the inner west of Sydney think about their federal leader considering the option of supporting an ongoing coalition government.