Feb 16, 2006

Happy 1st birthday Kyoto but Australia is not coming to the party

Happy 1st birthday Kyoto

But Australia is not coming to the party


16 February 2006

Today is the first anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol coming into effect.

158 countries have ratified Kyoto and are part of the global effort to avoid dangerous climate change.

Australia is one of only two industrialised countries outside of the Kyoto Protocol.

On 30 March 2000, the then Environment Minister and Government Senate Leader, Robert Hill said Those who choose to delay or obstruct moves toward greenhouse gas reductions are simply ignoring the inevitable.

There are those who foolishly believe that Australia has something to win by derailing the Kyoto Protocol. As an expression of our commitment to the Kyoto outcome, the Howard Government ensured that Australia was among the first nations to sign the Protocol.

In June 2002 the Howard Government back-flipped and opposed ratifying Kyoto.

John Howard’s decision not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol has isolated Australia from international action against climate change.

John Howard governs for his own political interest, not in the national interest.

Following the successful UN Climate Summit in Montreal, the course for future global action is now clear – mandatory fixed targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions over an extended timetable, with economic instruments driving the policy outcomes.

John Howard’s legacy is that Australia is unprepared for the dramatic impact of climate change.