Oct 8, 2004

Hello! Hello!


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 8 October 2004

Mr Howard has broken another one of his election promises even before Election Day has arrived.

When announcing his Mature Age Workers Tax Offset policy just a couple of days into the current election campaign, Mr Howard promised:

“The Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership was asked last year to suggest a number of practical ways to encourage greater employment of mature age workers. An announcement will be made in coming weeks addressing the Partnership’s approach.”

– The Howard Government Election 2004 Policy Document, 9 September 2004

However, on this second last day of the election campaign Mr Howard’s promise to mature age workers has failed to materialise.

The speed at which this promise has been broken is extraordinary even for someone with Mr Howard’s repudiation for deceit and dishonesty.

Either Mr Howard’s vote buying spending spree has left him with no money to invest in targeted employment assistance for mature age workers, or he had no intention of doing anything to deliver on his undertaking and was simply hoping nobody would notice.

Mr Howard’s dishonesty is breathtaking.

By contrast, in July this year Labor Leader Mark Latham announced a $212 million policy that will assist workers keep their skills relevant to the needs of employers, as well as help older jobseekers make a successful and speedy transition back into work.