Apr 24, 2012

Helping people to walk and leave the car at home in Camberwell

Victorian Senator David Feeney is pleased to announce that Camberwell will soon be home to a new project showcasing the best in urban design, planning and renewal. The Pedestrian Network Demonstration Project is funded as part of our efforts to make the nation’s major cities more productive, sustainable and liveable.

The Gillard Labor Government is contributing $1.2 million across metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong towards the project to encourage more people to walk between local destinations, rather than take the car.

The City of Boroondara is one of four local councils where the Principal Pedestrian Network Demonstration project will be rolled out.

The process involves identifying key routes for pedestrians and then improving those routes so that they are safer and more appealing to use.

Until now, access to the local activity centre of Camberwell within the Boroondara Council area has been dominated by private car. The project will provide locals with greater opportunity to walk.

“Pedestrian activity is regarded as a barometer of the health and economic success of urban centres,” said Minister Albanese.

“This project is a great example of the cooperation needed between governments and communities as we tackle the big challenges facing our cities such as climate change, traffic congestion and a growing, ageing population.”

As one of the most urbanised societies on the planet, Australia’s future economic prosperity and social cohesion will depend largely on how successful we are at making our cities work better.

“Projects like this in Camberwell will help ensure that Melbourne remains among the most liveable cities in the world,” Senator Feeney said.

“That is why Federal Labor has ended the Commonwealth’s self-imposed, decade long exile from our major cities and is again engaging with the states, territories and local councils to bring about a much needed urban renaissance.”

$1.2 million will be provided to four local council areas including the City of Boroondara, Frankston City Council, Shire of Yarra Ranges and City of Greater Geelong. Pedestrian Network Demonstration Project is funded under the Gillard Labor Government’s Liveable Cities program.