May 14, 2010

Historic air traffic agreement between Airservices and RAAF

Historic air traffic agreement between Airservices and RAAF

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

May 14 2010

The Rudd Labor Government has overseen an historic agreement to implement an integrated, cutting-edge national air traffic management system between the Royal Australian Air Force and Airservices Australia.

By purchasing and developing compatible equipment and technology together, the RAAF and Airservices will provide better value for money and potentially save taxpayers millions of dollars.

It will deliver safer and better planned air traffic control over the nation’s skies.

And it will reduce overlaps, increase cooperation, improve communication between civil and military air traffic control and deliver better training of air traffic controllers.

This historic agreement will make sure Australian aviation remains at the forefront of technologically advanced air traffic management and safety.

It is a significant milestone that delivers upon one of the major commitments outlined in the Government’s Aviation White Paper.

Airservices and the RAAF have signed a Joint Operational Concept to develop and implement harmonised civil and military air traffic management systems.

Both the RAAF and Airservices will be undergoing major equipment upgrades and replacement over the next five to seven years.

This approach will ensure alignment of multi-million dollar procurement processes scheduled to replace ageing and separate air traffic management infrastructure and systems in both organisations.

Under the harmonised arrangements, the Government will ensure that the unique operational requirements of the RAAF are maintained.

The joint purchasing of air traffic management equipment and technology will include automation systems, tower automation systems, radar and navigational aid equipment, and training and simulation systems.

The RAAF and Airservices will approach the international market with a Request For Information today to establish what technologies and resources are available to deliver the next generation of air traffic management, taking in account the specific needs of both organisations.