Nov 8, 2011

Historic reforms delivered

Today I am proud to be a member of the Gillard Labor Government which has delivered a major reform to Australia with the historic passing of the Government’s Clean Energy legislation through the Federal Parliament.

Our legislation will cut carbon pollution and drive investment in the clean energy sources of the future.

For the first time there will be a price tag on the pollution of the country’s 500 biggest polluters – which will give them an incentive to invest in cleaner processes.

All of the revenue raised will be used to help households, support jobs and invest in clean energy and climate change initiatives.

The legislation will deliver tax cuts, higher family payments and increases in the age pension and other pensions and benefits.

It’s a charge on pollution, not a tax on households or small businesses.

This has been a tough reform but it was one that Australia needed to make.

A price on carbon is the cheapest and most efficient way of cutting our emissions and driving investment.

This is an important reform. It will deliver environmental benefits for future generations while ensuring the economy remains prosperous and competitive.

It will allow Australia to seize the economic and job opportunities that will come as the world tackles climate change and shifts to a clean energy future.

It was the right thing to do for our economy, our environment and for future generations.