Sep 2, 2008

Hockey’s 100 Highlights Opposition Behaviour

Manager of Opposition Business Joe Hockey has today hit a century, 100 Points of Order in 2008.

This is the first time an MP has hit the century in points of order in less than a year.

The Opposition have moved 360 points of order, more than double the 178 moved by Opposition in the entirety of 2007.

They have moved 18 dissent, censure and suspension of standing orders motions to do similar, taking up 11 hours and 24 minutes of Parliaments time as compared to 10 motions and just 5 hours in the whole of 2007.

“Their disunity in the Party room appears to be showing itself through their unruly behaviour in the House,” said Anthony Albanese.

This is despite the Rudd Government taking an active role in increasing the accountability of the executive.

Ministerial Statements which give the Opposition the chance to reply to Government policy have occurred 39 times in 2008. In fact the Rudd Government has made more Ministerial Statements in its first 10 months than in the last two terms of the Howard Government.

The Government is also answering more questions per question time than the Howard Government did in 2007.

“This record shows how uninterested the Opposition is with the issues that affect Australians.”

“They are obsessed with stamping their feet and obstructing the Rudd Labor Governments agenda for the future,” said Anthony Albanese.