Sep 26, 2006

Howard gives the cold shoulder to heating planet

Howard gives the cold shoulder to heating planet


26 September 2006

Climate change has contributed to the earth probably being hotter than it has been for a million years.

Researchers at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City have discovered that because of climate change the earth may be hotter than it has been for a million years, especially in the Pacific Ocean where potentially violent El Nino weather patterns are born.

John Howard is wrong about climate change, and his scepticism is delaying urgent action and isolating Australia from the global effort against climate change.

The Howard Government is frozen in time while the world warms around it.

Temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean will have a significant effect upon Australia’s climate.

Climate change is making Australia’s weather more extreme and reducing rainfall.

Climate change is a serious threat to Australia’s economy and environment, but John Howard is ignoring the inconvenient truth.

Australia is drying out quickly and water restrictions are already in place in many areas.

Australia urgently needs strong leadership to support clean, renewable energy as central to a national strategy to avoid dangerous climate change.

The latest NASA research follows independent reports and expert advice from the CSIRO stating that if strong action is not taken, temperatures and sea levels will rise to dangerous levels.

It is time to end our isolation. Australia must ratify the Kyoto Protocol, substantially increase the Renewable Energy Target and introduce economic incentives for clean energy through emissions trading.