Apr 11, 2007

Howard Government confusion over ports

Howard Government confusion over ports


11 April 2007

John Howard and Mark Vaile may be on the same team, but they are running in different directions on ports and export infrastructure.

John Howard says the bottlenecks in ports are being caused by the high volume of exports, but the Transport Minister Mark Vaile has resorted to the blame game and is blaming the States.

John Howard’s statement that "The reality is that our exports are so strong that that is creating the bottleneck" was contradicted by Mark Vaile who blamed State Governments for the problems.

The fact is that the Howard Government has failed to invest in infrastructure and Australia is ranked 20th out of 25 OECD countries for its investment in public infrastructure as a proportion of GDP.

Australia has an infrastructure deficit, which the Business Council of Australia estimates to be $90 billion.

We must secure productivity beyond the mining boom, and this requires sustainable investment in the productive capacity of the economy.

Labor has a positive and practical plan to revive our ageing infrastructure.

Federal Labor has committed to establishing Infrastructure Australia, a Commonwealth Statutory Authority to facilitate the planning, regulation and development of infrastructure.

Labor believes that investment in infrastructure will increase economic growth and living standards.

Labor will deliver the national infrastructure needed to secure Australia’s future.